Website Support

Protect Your Investment

Rest easy, knowing that your website is in good hands with our website maintenance services. On-going website maintenance ensures that your WordPress site is regularly updated, stays more secure and out of the reach of hackers. Website maintenance is essential to any nonprofit, regardless of size. Your website is a worldwide window into your organization, and it can have a significant impact on how the value of your service is perceived. A well-maintained website is critical to attracting and retaining customers, maintaining search engine rankings, and presenting new information, products, and services to the public.

Website Maintenance Investment@2x
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Improve Security

Keeping up with software patches and security updates is key to website security. Failing to update your website can lead to major issues such as site crashes, security breaches, loss of data, and theft of customer information. Cleaning up these problems requires specialized knowledge, is highly time-consuming and costly, and might cause you to lose your customers.

Higher Ranking

Boost Site Traffic

In order to provide searchers with the best quality content, search engines such as Google raise rankings for websites that are updated regularly. With a higher ranking, your site’s visibility increases, which also increases the likelihood that your content appears when your target audiences search for relevant keywords. Keeping your content updated with valuable information and making sure that there are no issues with your site will help drive both new and returning customers.

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Relevant Content

Optimize the User Experience

A well-maintained website helps promote your brand, work, and mission. Regularly updating your site with sharable content such as new service offerings, image galleries, upcoming events, and blogs keeps your audience engaged and gives more insight into the type of organization you are. It is essential to remove out-of-date information and conduct on-going site audits to track issues and errors on your site. Our website maintenance service helps you keep your website content up-to-date so that you can provide your visitors with the best possible user experience.

We Got You

Focus on your Business &
We'll Focus on your Site

By partnering with us to maintain and care for your website, it allows you to focus on the daily tasks of running your business. If any problems arise, you can rest assured that we are on top of it and will work on a resolution as quickly as possible.

Your website is an investment that you need to protect. By subscribing to one of our plans, you can effectively protect your investment and save thousands in potential repair. Our monthly website maintenance plans include what every nonprofit website needs to stay on top of the latest updates, remain secure, perform well, and safely keep daily off-site backups.

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Website Maintenance Features

Website Edits

Unlimited 24/7 30 minute changes to your content, which includes edits to text, plugin settings, & CSS adjustments

Website Security

We’ll make sure your website is always safe and secure with daily scans and an arsenal of other proactive measures.

Speed Optimization

Our speed optimization services help you score well on Google Pagespeed Insights, Pingdom, and GTMetrix tests.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We check your website 1,440 times a day. We will know within 60 seconds if it’s down and could get it back online before anyone else notices.

WordPress Updates

We update your plugins, themes & core files every week to make sure everything runs smoothly and is operating as it should be.

Backup & Restore

If the unthinkable happens, we’ve got you covered. Our daily off-site backups make sure your site will be back up & running in no time.

Malware Removal

Your website is scanned daily for malware, any form of malicious code & potential backdoors. If our scans find anything, it will be repaired immediately.

Google Analytics

Monitor traffic behavior with detailed reports that include site sessions, page views, keywords, source of website traffic, & more.

Maintenance Reports

We’ll send weekly reports to keep you in the loop for every update and change we make to your website.

Website Maintenance Pricing


Digital strategy solutions to optimize and scale your nonprofit website.
$399per month
  • Weekly Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Daily Website Backups to Cloud
  • Fast Website Restore
  • Security Scanning
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Complete Malware Removal
  • Premium Hosting & SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited 30 min Website Changes
  • Weekly Speed Optimization
  • Weekly Reports
  • 1 Hour Strategy & Consultation


The essential care you need to keep your website updated and secure.
$149per month
  • Weekly Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Daily Website Backups to Cloud
  • Fast Website Restore
  • Security Scanning
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Complete Malware Removal
  • Premium Hosting & SSL Certificate
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